Zazil Ha

Body & Face Sculpting

At Zazil-Ha, we take pride in presenting SculpSure®, an innovative body and face sculpting technology by Cynosure. This revolutionary approach is tailored to provide you with a sleeker and more contoured appearance, all achieved without the necessity for surgery or prolonged downtime.

Reshape your appearance

Step into the forefront of body contouring with SculpSure®, a state-of-the-art, non-invasive laser treatment meticulously crafted to shape and refine your physique without surgery or any recovery time. Even with dedicated efforts in diet and exercise, countless individuals struggle with persistent fat deposits. SculpSure® emerges as the solution, precisely targeting these trouble spots in a swift 25-minute session, effectively diminishing fat cells while preserving the integrity of the skin’s surface. Following the treatment, you can seamlessly resume your daily activities.

  • Quick and Efficient:

    With each session lasting only 25 minutes, SculpSure® seamlessly integrates into your busy schedule.

  • Non-Invasive:

    Harnessing advanced technology, SculpSure® precisely targets fat cells without impacting the skin’s surface.

  • Zero Downtime:

    Following your session, you can promptly resume your daily activities with no recovery time.

  • FDA-Cleared
    Rely on a treatment that adheres to rigorous safety standards set by the FDA.
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1. How long does each session last?

Each session lasts 25 minutes. The specific number of sessions required varies for each individual and will be determined during your consultation.

2. Is the Treatment Painful?

Clients experience a well-tolerated tingling and warmth, with the skin kept comfortable by the device’s cooling feature.

3. When can initial results be expected?

Initial results are visible at six weeks, with optimal results at 12 weeks. Results can be permanent with a healthy lifestyle. When can initial results be expected?

Words from our happy clients

I’m totally coming back to the spa and Casa del Jaguar whenever I visit the Island. Such a magical place! 

London Tipton

“I was a little scared at first but now I know it was more the buildup to the moment than what the session was about. Can't wait for my next session. 

Edwar Berduo

I’m never living this place! I feel right at home, the service is so warm. 

Maddie Fitzpatrick