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ProFractional treatment is a fast, comfortable, and highly effective laser procedure designed to enhance the overall appearance of your skin. It stands out for its remarkable results in resurfacing problematic areas, all while minimizing downtime and prioritizing your comfort.


How does it work? 

ProFractional harnesses the power of a small laser beam to target thousands of precise areas on your skin. By treating only a fraction of your skin directly with the laser, the untreated tissue promotes swift healing. The wound-healing response from this untreated skin triggers the production of new collagen, increasing firmness and resilience to your skin.

This innovative process involves removing the surface layer of the targeted area, similar to the natural healing process when you scrape your skin. Through this, cells are prompted to work towards restoring the skin’s texture to its normal state. ProFractional can be applied to various areas, including peri-oral, peri-orbital, full face, neck, and hands.

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Areas suitable for treatment:


  • Peri-oral 
  • Peri-orbital  
  • Full face  
  • Neck  
  • Hands 



1. Is downtime required for this procedure?

Given that it is a non-surgical procedure, the downtime is significantly reduced to 2 to 4 days.

2. Are there any side effects associated with the treatment?

Thanks to the specific type of beam used, the surrounding area will remain safe.

3. Does the procedure cause discomfort?

This is a very gentle laser, even individuals with sensitive skin may experience tiny hits on the skin. To enhance your experience, you can inquire with an expert about the possibility of using a numbing cream before the procedure.


Words from our happy clients

I suffered from a lot of acne when I was a teen, a session and a couple of weeks in the island have make wonders for my skin and self-esteem”.

Kate Beringer

“Great gift for my 40th birthday! Now I look as young as I feel”.

Fátima Saldivar

Feeling young and now looking young! The best service at the best place.

Frank Welker