Zazil Ha


Using the best technology and the highly qualified staff you will be able to obtain flawless results that will make you look youthful fading away wrinkles, and sun damage, improve skin texture and much more.


Phot Rejuvenation

This treatment may seem as a miracle to many, the science behind it is that with multifrequency your molecules are altered so they can rearrange and tighten giving a youthful look. You will be able to see results after the first session and see a progressive improvement.

Pro Fracional Wrinkle Removal

This fractional laser combines ablative technology, to granitize its effectiveness and non ablative to make the procedure much more comfortable.

Using different depts the laser can be used to give specific results depending on what you are looking for.

Hair Removal

With the laser Palomar IPL you will say bye to body hair, after each session you will see how the growth is less, depending on the state of your follicles you may need some touch ups during the following months.

VelaShape 3

Combining bipolar radiofrequency and suction massage it helps reactivating the metabolism, help with lymphatic drainage and improvement to the quality of the skin. You will be able to see the beautiful results on the shape of your body, reducing sizes.



Inside a hyperbaric chamber, the pressure increases to help the body function in a better way, some of the benefits are: increase the production of collagen, minimize the level of glucose, maximize the effects of antibiotics or analgesics.

Thermage & Fractional 1540

This two technologies are implemented to give the best results. Thermage carry heat below the skin to help it regain its tension while the fractional 1540 enhance the look of the dermis, giving a full makeover.