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Hyperbaric chamber: The beauty benefits

 The most known use of the hyperbaric chamber is to help athletes or post-ops to regain or maintain their strength by enhancing the oxygen circulation in their bloodstream. As a positive side effect, the experts have discovered that the same machine gives outcomes that the aesthetic medicine community will now recommend to their patients.  

How does it work? 

What the hyperbaric chamber does is to enhance the oxygen flow in the bloodstream so when it is carried to the areas of the body that are deteriorating that process slow down and let the new cells be healthy.  

Some of the uses are:  

  •  Pots-op recovery: this is highly recommended by aesthetic surgeons so the results can be even more beautiful. As the skin is healing and scaring you can have sessions so the scar tissue does not become a keloid scar and let the skin look clean and fresh 
  • Increases sports performance: if you are in the journey to take better care of your body this is something you may want to try, as you will be able to feel better and do more exercise it also is able to help you lose weight at a faster pace.  
  • Delays aging sings: it increases antioxidant capacity allowing the new cells to be healthier and their own process to regain strength so you can have a youthful look as well as a tighter skin.  
  • Enhance skin texture: as with the scars, the overall texture of the skin can restructure, this means that the fine lines of expression can minimize, and the pores would reduce in size after some sessions.  
  • Hair loss treatment: if you have a treatment to reduce hair loss like microneedling, medication, or a hair implant this method can help you to make the follicle healthier. 



Depending on the results you are looking for and your actual state is the treatment that you would need, contact us so we can help you, together we will find the treatment that better suits you.  

At Zazil Spa we have the best technology at your service. Book an appointment now! You will not regret it.  


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