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Why do I have spots on my face?

There are different reasons why you can develop spots on the skin, and also different types of spots. All of them have a way to minimize them, and a treatment for preventing them to come back. It is time to regain your flawless skin.  

Types of blemishes.

  •  Fleckles: it is thanks to genetics; those irregularities on the melamine that darkens with sun exposure. Even though some people like them and find the adorable  
  • Moles: most of them are benign, which means that they do not represent a danger for the person. The shape is usually rounder and should not change of shape, for the color, it can vary from reddish to purplish tone.   
  • Lentigines: The texture and shape of this spots change between them, usually they are benign and star showing up after you turn 50 years old and get darker with sun exposure.  

How do they develop?  

  • Sun exposure: this causes photoaging weakening the skin and the skin needs to defend itself, some way of it is brown spots that cover the skin on the weakest areas and acting as an umbrella.  
  • Genetics: if in your family runs blemishes on the face or any other part you are more likely to have spots, they can appear if you do not take care of your skin with sunscreen or shade.  
  • Hormones: if you get pregnant, start on birth control, or are going through menopause you are more likely to get those blemishes. 
  • Aging:  after living a full life is common to have dark spots on your skin, depending on how much you take care is the shade they will be or amount you will have. 


You can regain a flawless skin. 

With the laser treatment that Zazil offers you the blemishes that have had appear on your skin can fade away.  

What the laser do is fragment the cell that contains the pigment so the body can discard it more and more after each session. Depending on how dark the spot is, is the treatment the experts will recommend you, the number of sessions and how many times you need to wait between them.  

To complement the laser treatment, the experts may recommend you special creams so you can have better results, as well as recommend the use of sun screen. 



At Zazil Spa our experts will take care of your skin, giving it the treatment the it deserves and need. Book an appointment now!  


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